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More Sheds and Garages Plans – this section includes shed and garage pack, including,
            steps to building sheds as well as guides on shed bases, locations and foundation guides.

            Woodworking Materials – This includes tips and advice on a variety of materials you
            might need to use in your projects.

            Other Download – This section includes a variety of woodworking projects in zip form.
            There are approximately 110 in all and within each zip file you get variations of the
            theme. As an example the contained 14 PDF versions, and the
            housed about 50 toy PDF versions.

            There are also CAD files if you purchase the gold premium upgrade.

            There were a few unadvertised bonuses and recommendations.

            Comprehensive “How To” woodworking guide… and much more.

            Product Description:

            Paying someone to build a shed can be a costly affair. Nothing quite beats doing it
            yourself. You’ll put in the best effort you can because it belongs to you and this is very
            different from hiring strangers to build a shed for you.

            Furthermore, you’ll have bragging rights to tell your friends and family that you did it
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